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Let's see who's still on the FB team from 2016 & 2017 signing classes:

Logan Bailey - GONE
Phil Barrett - Still here
Sean Dumas - GONE
Jacob Godek - Still here
Prince Howard-Whitaker- Still here
Josh LeBlanc - GONE
Dew McIntyre - Still here
Dijon Profit - Still here
Brandon Rainey - Still here
Joseph Randolph - Still here
Rashad Riley - Still here
Jeremy Samuels - GONE
Chance Severson - GONE
AJ Stokes - GONE
Mark Weakland - Still here
Raleigh Webb - Still here
Denzel Wright - Still here

6 of the 17 are no longer with the program.  These are the kids that were signed after the 2015 season, and are now either Seniors or RS Juniors.


Jalen Barr - GONE
Brandon Berry - GONE
Lane Botkin - Still here
Aaron Brawley - Still here
Malik Brooks - GONE
Noah Cannon - GONE
Jonathan Cole - GONE
Willie Eubanks - Still here
Sean Thomas-Faulkner - Still here
KD Frederick - GONE
Jabari Garner - Still here
Brandon Glick - GONE
Haydon Haas - Still here
Jay Howard - Still here
Jon Barrett Lewis - Still here
Ryan McCarthy - Still here
Dalton Owens - Still here
Keyonte Sessions - Still here
Dante Smith - Still here
Matthew Taylor - GONE
John Wesley-Whiteside - GONE
Wally Wilmore - GONE

9 of the 22 are no longer with the program.  40%.  I see this as a problem.  This was BTs 1st recruiting class, that was signed after the 2016 season, and are now either Juniors or RS Sophomores.

Many of the names that are listed as "GONE" did not contribute while they were here, and probably left because they didn't think they could break in to the 2 Deep, or they found out that The Citadel was just not for them.

Gotta give credit to those that are still here and have not been big contributors in past games, but maybe they will contribute in 2019.  I'm sure they are valuable to the program and are making the most of the opportunity given to them to get a GREAT college education that will serve them well in the future.

There are a number of Seniors and Juniors as well as Sophomores on the 2019 Spring Football Roster (that's how I compiled this list) that were not listed in either of these signing classes (Gage Russell for example), so it looks like there are A LOT of walk ons.

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Unfortunately many of them were going to be good players for us.. However it is a hard place to get a degree from whether you play ball or not.   Ironically many other schools have high attrition as well.


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Any idea if they contributed at their new schools?

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I believe we are now taking a new strategy.  This is get the classes per year from 16-18 more into the high 20s.  As you noticed because of the high attrition we had scholarships out there to give more for the incoming class this summer.

now, we can use the term quality over quantity in this case, but I see a different approach than in previous years. 

Another factor is that we had (he moved onto ECU with his former coach Houston) pretty aggressive recruiting program.  I like that we had that, but that might also get guys who are not really "The Citadel".  yes they are 2/3 Star athletes that we can sell the program to and they might contribute as Freshman, but they are not wanting what The Citadel offers.  Others are gone too because of the strict discipline of the school.  Not just BT, but the commandants office.  A kid gets in trouble and has tours for a couple months while all his other friends are chilling at a school like Navarro College, they will bounce! 

Out of my recruiting class we had many-many that didn't come back.  Those that embraced the school and knew how to stay out of trouble stayed and are better for doing so. 

There is a fine line between recruiting a championship level team and one that is consistent and is what we want wearing our football uniforms (and cadet too) on Saturdays. 

I have noticed the attrition, but I also notice Coach D's conditioning videos where those that are here are NOT Quitters. 

2019 season is looking good!

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Also we might see Wally Wilmore back on the roster as he is still enrolled and was not allowed to play last year.

LB Jeremy Samuels is also still at the school but I feel isn't on the team for reasons unknown.  But in his social media pictures he has gold stars so it isn't academic related.


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Attrition is as old as the football program itself. It ain't easy and ain't for everyone. One thing I tell the Parents of High School wanna be ballers is that the football alumni I meet in the CFA are all successful (measured many different ways) and all stuck it out. Not all of them started or contributed but they are all good men. 

I heard Mike Ayers speak to the Laurens County TD Club. He basically told the kids from Laurens, Clinton, Laurens Academy and PC two things. If you are going to quit on him, quit before the season starts. If you make it thru his/their process, congrats, then you won't quit on him in the 4th quarter. 

Good thread by the way. 
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