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To follow up on several previous posts I have thought for some time that the carrot and stick approach to attendance may work.

Make this a business deal offer to the corps because that is exactly what it is, BUISNESS:

1.) On Saturday games, those cadets serving confinements or walking tours get two hours/punishment credits for attending games.  Instead of sitting in their rooms watching or playing video games, do something constructive.  Instead of mindlessly walking back and forth on the quad, go to the game and get credit for two punishments.  AND get 5 merits credited against remaining punishments, 8 if we win.  Think they might show up ?????  For open weekend Saturdays , this will not work except those serving punishments.

For conduct proficient cadets, they get 5 merits for attending, 8 if we win and an overnight. 

2.)  For weeknight games, 5 merits for attending, 8 if we win and an overnight.  For those with tours or confinements, 5 credits towards punishment balance, 8 if we win.

Corps attendance would explode and the LOUDER THEY YELL, the better chance we have of winning.  They win and the team wins.  Win/Win.  Corps now has a horse in the race.

Could even have contests between companies or battalions to see who out yells the other with prizes and other incentives. 

Guess what else, they are 18-21/22 year olds and they drink soft drinks , eat pop corn, hot dogs, candy bars, nachos, etc.  M-O-N-E-Y is made.  Lots of it !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

If the team starts winning fans will come...ticket sales, parking revenue, concessions, etc.,etc.

If the corps has a horse in the race, they will show up because they have a reason to show up.    

Anyone else has a better idea, I am all ears.


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kinda sad that you have to offer incentives for cadets to show up at games but it is what it is and these suggestions have merit. I thought I understood that at least occasionally in the past those attending games got credit for punishments but someone else is probably familiar with the current rules.  How about also offering a cadet discount on concessions and maybe free food to the company with the largest attendance.  5 merits for attending and an overnight for every win seems a bit generous, my suggestion would be 2 merits for attending, an overnight for every 5 games attended and a weekend for every 10; maybe even throw in a Charleston Pass for every 3 home games attended.

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Good idea. I would have loved some credits to wipe away cons or tours!!!
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