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The two other heralded freshman running backs made their debut Saturday but I think there was only one carry between them. I was hoping the options would allow them to get their feet wet against VMI. But Furman is also a good option to get your first collegiate TD. 

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To those that think we can't get to the edge with A-Backs because they are too slow - How would you know??  Look at the facts - In a "true triple option the Q Back will "press the edge" truly putting the Aback in play (see GA Tech); Also you have 1 ABack - G. Drakeford that averages damn near 10 yards per carry, problem is he only gets the ball a handful of times per game (if he is lucky) - See Jeff Hartsell question at last week's press conference/Grayline radio show.  None of the ABacks can hike the ball to themselves, they are dependent on either the coaches call or the "read" of the QB.  Total up the number of carries for Rod Johnson, etc .  -It's far too low!  You can open up the Triple Option working outside - in too!  I love Tyler Renew and he was a hell of kid and a hellava player - but his outstanding game against SC was set in motion by the A-Back edge run to open the game by Cam Jackson  (and a hellava block by Vinny!)

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Congratulations on the win, but the blocking, tackling and play calls are not getting better. The DB coaches need to understand their job, absolute not getting the job done and the DL must get to the QB. BT needs to be more aware of his problems and make corrections, this Furman team can pass it also and their coach has made the necessary changes, GO DOGS, beat Furman....
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