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My take on Sapakoff's article:

My reply at the bottom of the article and also facebook, but I dont facebook much.
Bill Horner
Interesting list of venues, looks like new brick, mortar and fake stucco decided the list to some extent. #1 is a golf course that 75% of the State's occupants could not find on a map with two events to its credit says the author. #6 Darlington is a member of it's sports "grand slam" and is ranked behind an 8 year old baseball field that feels like all the new ones. Dorman HS feels like a small college stadium because it is the same lay out as North Greenville, Wofford, ETSU, Mercer, Gardner Webb ( I could go on) etc. If you want to see a distinctly different high school football field travel to Ware Shoals SC, home of the Hornets. (As Chibbaro notes travel to Sirrine and think of the men who played ball on that field is another great example). Or the field in Union that has hosted an untold number of games and a 93 game winning streak by Sims High School. JRIS at #9 is a stretch, one season in the books doesn't make for a top sports venue. Named after the Wofford benefactor with a different twist on casual Friday, the seats are not numbered the same way as the ticket office making for an interesting pre game ritual of finding your seat or any seat. A great historical venue would be Parker High's old gym, now a magnet school, and a floor that Pistol Pete once dribbled on. Do yourself a favor and drop in on it. All the seats are in the balcony. Also notables left out are Cherokee Speedway (Dale Sr. raced there), Duncan Park ( many teams played there and the seats came from Connie Mack Stadium), Johnson Hagood Stadium (think of the NFL'ers that touched that field that didn't play for The Citadel), Textile Hall in Greenville, (scratch that one, we tore it down). Maybe 25 was too many or not enough but the criteria" a sure hit if new" was spot on by the author. Good conversation generator while we wait for football season. Thanks!

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Nice reply. Seems the list was composed by a group of kids with no historical perspective. Rest In Peace Ken Burger - Sapakoff is a constant reminder of the lost art of sports journalism.
Purple Makes Me Puke!
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